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Late Night Thought for Food

As the detox is nearing to a close (only one more day!), we’re starting to ask ourselves, What’s next?  How do we adapt our diet so that it’s healthier than what it was before, but something that is also appetizing?

As I’ve said before, some of the recipes have been really good.  We enjoy a lot of the vegetables.  However, some of the leafier, greener vegetables take some getting used to, and some of us like them better than others.  We want to find the balance between eating healthily, but also enjoying what we eat.  And not eating the same thing over and over again.  The detox is helping me to examine what I think about food and how we eat it.

Meals are fun when they are spent together. Although my family is busy with lots of different activities, when Caroline and I are home from college, we usually try to have at least one meal when all of us eat together.  However, with the detox, we have eaten several of our dinners together.  It’s been great; I like spending time with my family.

I also believe that we were meant to enjoy food.  I mean, we have taste buds.  In general there are foods we like a lot, and others that we don’t care for as much.  Obviously, just because we like some foods doesn’t necessarily mean that they are good for us, but when we eat them appropriately, we can appreciate them. 

Thinking about what I eat isn’t new for me.  I’ve been analyzing the healthiness of what I eat for a couple years.  But the detox has given me more options that I hadn’t thought of before.  There are many ways to eat healthy, so it doesn’t have to involve eating the same five things over and over again.  The detox has also taught me to appreciate food, but not to rely on it.  I don’t need to snack when I’m bored.  A glass of water will do just as well.  And I do feel better when I’m eating a lot of vegetables and barely any sugar.  And trust me, you don’t need that chocolate fudge (or whatever sweet thing you crave).

While this blog post has been a bunch of ramblings about food, it all boils down to the fact that food isn’t everything.  We’re gonna create some guidelines, follow some recipe ideas, and if we deviate a little, oh well.  Food can have a powerful impact on our lives, but it shouldn’t be our master.  Creating a new routine will take some getting used to and some adjustment, but once we create a routine, hopefully, we won’t think about it as much as we do now.

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