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Community. Alive.

“I would eat Chick-fil-a every day,” Evan declares. “But what would you do on Sunday?” comes the response, paired with laughter.

We’re sitting at the dinner table with two other families from our church back home. Once our family found out that they would be in Yosemite during the same week we were, we made plans to get together. As part of the conversation during our delicious steak dinner (undoubtedly the best meal of the trip), we all took turns discussing what one meal we would eat every day for a year, if we were stuck on an island. 

Seeing friends from home was a wonderful connection to our usual community. It’s weird being in a place where we don’t know anyone else. Especially if you’re from a place where everyone seems to have at least one mutual friend. I think we’ve all had instances where we’ve seen people who look a lot like our friends back home, but of course, they turn out to be strangers. 

Many of the people visiting Yosemite are internationals. It’s really neat to walk around and hear various languages spoken around us, knowing that we are probably all talking about the gorgeous views that we can see. We met one family on our hike to Lembert Dome whom we saw the next day as we hiked up to Vernal Falls, another beautiful view but shorter than our last hiking adventure.

However, even though we are away from many of our friends (I thought of many of my friends from school as I wore my green Cru shirt today), my family provides a great source of community. We keep each other laughing most of the day, mostly through inside jokes.

For example, “Yozemight be a nut” has become the phrase of the past few days after Abby said that to Evan while he was chattering. That and our many movie references keep us very entertained while we raft down the Merced River, sit on the riverbank, view the enormous sequoias, and gaze at the valley from up high.

Yosemite is a huge national park, with many natural wonders. I felt very small while walking past and even through the sequoia trees. It’s hard to believe that many of them are about 2,000 years old. And just an hour away from Mariposa Grove was Glacier Point, where we looked down at the valley where we had spent the day before. From 3,000 feet above, the cars and rafts looked like they were part of a model set. And a sign said that we were only observing about a quarter of the park! 

Whether it’s trying to guess the Steven Curtis Chapman song that’s playing through my iPod linked to the stereo (we put several of his CDs on shuffle) or simply gazing at the beauty that God has created, this will be a trip that we won’t soon forget. And I’m glad to be sharing it with the best community of all, my family.


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