We Made It!

And it’s over.  Yesterday, we finished up our 10-day detox with some peanut butter pie.  Which was probably very counterproductive, but it was also delicious and a welcome treat.

It definitely was an adventure.  When we started the detox, we didn’t really know what we had gotten ourselves into.  A few days before we had sat on the couch laughing in disbelief at some of the things we were going to eat.  Blueberry spinach flax smoothies.   Garlicky bean dip.  Crunchy chickpeas. (And yes, I don’t recommend any of these, but they weren’t that terrible).

I guess I can finally eat what I want now.  But this is where the really challenge starts.  We have to draw the lines and not eat too many carbs or sweets.  Sometimes cutting things out completely is easier than eating them in moderation.

I asked my family some things that they have learned from the detox and here is what we came up with.

  1. We need less food than we think we do.  Originally, we were all really hungry at the start of the detox, but toward the end of it, we felt content.  We’re growing more accustomed to eating smaller portions and snacks throughout the day.   And it’s kind of fun.
  2. Healthy food can taste really good. Well some of it anyway.  Eating healthy does not mean eating tasteless grains all of the time (even though it is a part of it), but if you cook it right and get creative, you can have some great meals.
  3. Sugar is in a lot of things. We had to avoid a lot of things simply because they contained added sugar.  As Americans, we’re addicted to sugar. (Trust me, I know.  I work in a candy store.  I’ve seen it all.)  But try giving it up for awhile.  When you eat it again, you realize that you don’t feel as good after you eat it again.  And sometimes things are too sweet.
  4. I CAN live without dairy. (This was mine).  I love cheese.  And yogurt.  And ice cream.  And eating cheese today never tasted so good, but I went 10 days without it, so I guess I could go the rest of my life without it, but I’d rather not.

As people, we never stop learning and finding new and better ways to do things.  This detox was a stepping stone in our food journey. And our life journey.  I’m looking forward to the next adventure that comes our way.  Redwoods here we come!

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