Don’t Try This……Alone

“So what exactly can you eat again?”

This weekend, I went back up to school with several of my friends for my small group leader’s (from freshman year) wedding.  As we were hanging out, I had to explain my strange eating habits to them, so they wouldn’t think I was starving myself.  In case you’re wondering, here’s what we’re not eating for the detox: no dairy, no sugar/preservatives and no gluten.  The only grains I have eaten so far are quinoa, rice and oats.  The rest of my family tried gluten-free pancakes this morning.

Needless to say, most of this weekend I subsisted on fruits, vegetables and nuts.  I did also bring a little leftover beef stew and turkey burgers, as well as some salmon, so it really wasn’t that bad. 

The hardest part was following the detox by myself.  I couldn’t try the tomato basil string cheese, the raspberry cheesecake ice cream or the exquisite wedding cupcakes.  I realized that it was a lot easier to stick to the plan when I was with my family and we were all eating the same thing.  (Well most of us anyway.  However, Evan’s Kraft mac and cheese looked a whole lot less appetizing today than it did on Tuesday, so maybe the detox is working after all).

The fact that my family was doing the detox also kept me going this weekend.  I was determined to keep it up because I knew that they were at home doing it as well.  They are my support system.

Support systems are very useful, and I would argue that they are necessary.  Maybe not in every situation, but I have found that they are very helpful and motivating.  Whether it’s my small group, church or cross country team, they keep me going when I feel like quitting.  As so many wise people have said before me, we were meant to live in community.  We can be as stubborn and determined as we want (and trust me, I am both), but by ourselves we will eventually run out of will power.  However, if we surround ourselves with people who will encourage us when it’s tough, then we will probably last longer.

So who’s helping you?

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