Hungry and Blessed

One of my best friends recently got back from a mission trip to Uganda and talked about it at church tonight.  She had some amazing stories about working with the kids, teaching them about sports, sharing her testimony and seeing many of them accept Christ.  It was very inspiring and encouraging, and I wish that I could have been there with her. 

Throughout her short message, I was reminded again of how blessed I am compared to the rest of the world.  These kids have nothing. They certainly don’t have MacBooks and listen to Spotify while writing blog posts.  They didn’t just go buy a new car with most of their money so they wouldn’t have to share with their sisters anymore.  They don’t have air-conditioning.  And I’m sure many of them go to bed hungry. 

Going to bed hungry is something that my family has experienced for the past three nights.  Even though the detox food has been delicious (for the most part anyway—the quinoa is getting to be a little much), the portion sizes have been smaller, leaving us to spend most of the day feeling hungry.

It’s difficult being hungry.  It’s harder to concentrate.  I feel even lazier and less motivated.  Sometimes I kinda just want to curl up into a little ball and watch movies.

But there’s a difference between our family and them.  For me, I’m just adjusting to smaller portion sizes that I should be eating.  I have plenty of food in my pantry downstairs that I could grab if I really felt desperate (and I have dug into the cashews a little bit).  The time will come when I will stop feeling hungry.  If they go to bed hungry, it’s because that’s all the food that they get.  And they hope that they get more tomorrow.

It really isn’t fair.  Why have I been blessed with so many things while there are people in this world who have nothing?

With great blessings comes great responsibility.  Obviously my family and I can’t single-handedly save the world, but we can do small things to help.  We can donate our time and money to reputable charities and organizations that aid children who are in need.  We can go a mission trips like my friend did.  If everyone worked together, maybe we could be the generation that ended world hunger.  It’s worth a try.

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