Salmon and Solar Panels

Today’s blog post inspiration came from our dinner table conversation. My dad has been watching Cosmos, a television series running on Sunday nights about Earth and the universe. Last night’s episode featured global warming. According to my dad, they provided a lot of evidence for global warming and also talked about methods for using greener energy. 

Greener energy is still more expensive. It’s more difficult to use solar panels or wind farms. It’s much simpler just to burn coal or gas. Since it’s easier and cheaper, many people opt not to “go green.” It’s why there’s such a dilemma on Capitol Hill. If we switch to greener energy forms immediately, it will cost a lot of money and many people will lose their jobs. We stick to the old ways, even though they are more detrimental in the long run. Eventually we will run out of fossil fuels, and we’re destroying our planet in the process.

Food is very similar, my dad pointed out. We’re paying a little extra money to eat whole, organic, better quality foods while we’re on our detox. It may be more expensive, but it’s better for us in the long run. It’s all about weighing the current cost now and the long-term benefits later.

 We’re definitely not perfect at this system. We don’t waste energy, but we’re not going out of our way to conserve it either. And the detox is the first major step we’ve taken to eating super healthy. My mom has always tried to cook healthy meals in the past, but we’ve never been really adventurous.

It’s something to think about.   As we continue to move forward and scientists get better at determining what is good for our planet and our bodies, I believe that people should keep an open mind and be willing to try new things. Yes, the old ways worked in the past, but perhaps they’ve found something better. Just like the grilled salmon we ate tonight. It was out of the ordinary, but it tasted delicious, and we felt good eating it because we knew it was healthy for us.

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