Kwinoah and Yozemight

So my family is a taking a vacation out west this summer and my mom told me I should blog about it. I guess that’s what you get when you’re a writing major. Anyway, I decided to start it a little bit early, because we’re about to begin a 10-day detox, and I figured that could be rather interesting as well.

Which brings me to the name of this blog. They’re both mispronounced words. As my mom and I were reading through the recipes for our cleanse, I came across quinoa (pronounced “KEEN-wah”). I’ve eaten quinoa (KEEN-wah) before, but I’d always envisioned that it was spelled Kiemwa or something like that. I’d always assumed that quinoa (kwi-NO-ah) was something different. But they’re not. So that was the first lesson learned of these adventures.

We’re going to Yosemite National Park this summer, and my younger sister Abby thought that it was pronounced “Yoze-might.” (Clearly we need to get out a little more). She’s usually our comic relief. She and Evan (the youngest) will probably make this blog a lot.

My family’s a little crazy, but I think they’re great.  We get along really well and spend a lot of time laughing.  In this blog, I hope to share our experiences (hopefully some of the fun translates through the written word) and also what we have learned throughout the way.  So welcome and thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “Kwinoah and Yozemight

  1. Alma Griffin

    I’m sure you are having a busy, yet phenomenal time! I miss you all but am so happy that you are having this wonderful experience with those you love most in the world. Take care, give my love to everyone, and continue to enjoy!!! Grandma. XO

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